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No two pieces the same!

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If you are looking for one of a kind jewelry, for an affordable price, then BEad Different is the place for you! BEad Different jewelry offers original and unique handmade jewelry at prices that don't hurt your purse. 

BEad Different jewelry is made using an eclectic mix of gemstones, glass, wood, shell, clay, metal and much, much more. Every piece of jewelry is original and you will never find someone wearing the exact same piece! Because of the unique designs, only one of each piece of jewelry is available for purchase. But if you see a design that you desire, it can be recreated to suit your needs, using similar stones and colors. Simply email your request to

The BEad Different BUZZ 

Volume 2, Issue 2 -- Fall 2010

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New styles and designs will be added to the site as they are created, so check back often to find the newest selections!

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