BEad Different Jewelry
No two pieces the same!

Necklaces -Fancy with Pendant, Focal Stone or Gemstones




Triple strand necklace with eclectic bead mix. 19.5 in. $30.

The BEad Different Signature Item


“An Eccentric Energy”

Gemstones, shell, acrylic, and more! 27 ½ in. SOLD.




“Buried Treasure”

Gemstone and shell pendant with shell variety. 21 ½ in. $25.



“Escape to Nature”

Pewter rose pendant with eclectic glass bead mix. 21 in.




“To Every Season…”

Carved leaf green aventurine pendant with kumbaba jasper, aventurine, and serpentine jasper. 21 in. $25.


“Strawberry Shortcake”

Painted jasper pendant with shell, jasper, and yellow aventurine. 20 in. $25.


“Sparkle and Shine”


Agate pendant with amethyst, Czech glass, shell, and glass. 21 in. $25.



“Sunrise Flight”

Metal pendant with lava rock, peace aventurine, and sun sediment jasper. 19 in. $20.


“Garden Grove”

Metal filigree pendant with eclectic bead mix. 20 in. SOLD.




“The Silver Lining”

Metal pendant with Indian glass beads. 23 in. SOLD.




“Girl's Night Out”

Mosaic turquoise, shell, lava rock, and more! 30 in. SOLD.




“Citrus Sunrise”

Metal pendant with stone bead variety. 21 in. $20.




“A Colorful Canvas”

Gemstone and resin pendant with dyed turquoise/magnesite nuggets. 19 ½ in. $30.




“Desert Sunset”

Chohua jasper pendant and beads. 17 in. $20.


“Sand & Sea”

Amazonite pendant with glass, stone, wood, and more! 19 in. SOLD.




“Enchanted Garden”

Jasper pendant with gemstone bead mix. 20 in. SOLD.



“Red Clay Creation”

Mahogany obsidian pendant and stones with faceted glass beads. 19 in. $20.



“Orient Express”

Acrylic pendant with glass, wood, and metal beads. 23 in. SOLD.



“The Green Goddess”

Green copper turquoise pendant with turquoise and green jade. 19 in. $25.



“Sophisticated Style”

Mosaic turquoise, magnesite, filigree silver, and MORE! 42 in. $25.




“Wild, Wild West”

Zebra jasper pendant and beads. 19 in. $20.



“Sunshine & Sunflowers”

Metal & shell pendant with eclectic glass bead mix. 20 in. $20.


“Emerald City”

Dyed turquoise/magnesite and variscite. 20 in. $20.



“Subtle Style”

Jasper pendant with wood, glass, stone, and more! 19 ½ in. SOLD.




“Circle of Life”

Glass pendant with lampwork glass beads. 18 in. SOLD.



“Autumn Inspired”

Metal pendant with jasper, lava rock, and wood. 20 in. SOLD.



“Out of this World”


Mixed gemstone pendant with amethyst, abalone shell, blue sun sitara, & more! 21 in. SOLD.




“A Plethora of Earthly Pleasures”  

Gemstones, shell, wood and more! Wear in a single longer strand, or double it up for versatility. 43 in. $40.


“Winged Explorer”

Bronze metal dragonfly pendant with eclectic glass bead mix. 19 in. $20.


“Nature’s Splendor”

Aventurine, tiger’s eye, and jade pendant & nuggets. 18 in. $30.




“A Painter’s Palette”

Mosaic stone pendant with various turquoise nuggets. 19 in. SOLD.



“Be Bold in Bronze”

Sun sitara pendant and beads with acrylic accents. 20 in. $20.




“Peace Offering”

Shell peace pendant with shell, glass, and acrylic beads. 21in. $20.



“You’re a GEM”

Gemstone nugget variety. 20 ½ in. $20.


“A Clockwork Orange” 

Lampwork glass, shell, and orange turquoise stone. 19.5 in. SOLD.


“The Red Sea” 

Double strand coral necklace with red howlite. 19 in. SOLD.


“Earthtone Elegance”

Bamboo coral pendant with gemstone, glass, and acrylic bead mix. 20 ½ in. $20.



“A Touch of Grey”

Jasper pendant with moonstone and zebra jasper. 18 in. SOLD.



“A Slice of Watermelon”

Chinese unakite pendant and beads with pink coral chips. 18 in. $20.  


“Eclectic Earth”

Amethyst and jasper pendant with gemstone variety. 19 ½ in. $20.



“Summer Brights”

Double strand glass bead mix. 21.5 in. SOLD.





“Wings of Spring”

Glass butterfly pendant with glass, stone, and acrylic. 17 ½ in. $20.



“Sunset Swirls”

Jasper pendant with rose quartz, shell, Czech glass, and jasper. 20 in. SOLD.




Cronoid fossil pendant with Czech glass, shell, onyx, and more! 22 in. $20.



“An Ember's Glow”

Goldstone, red obsidian, and moonstone pendant and beads. 17 in. $20.


“Midnight Rose”


Rhodonite pendant with rhodonite, onyx, and quartz. 18 ½ in. SOLD.



“Sun-Kissed Summer”

Sea sediment jasper pendant with agate, wood, peach aventurine, carnelian, and more. 19 in. $20.


“Bronze Bathing Beauty”

Red sun sitara pendant and beads. 19 in. $20.  


“Sally Sells Seashells”


Seashell pendant with shells, stone, and acrylic. 21 in. SOLD



“Two Paths Diverge” 


Aventurine pendant with jade, aventurine and jasper beads. 19.5 in. SOLD.


“101 Dalmatians”

Dalmation jasper pendant and beads. 17.5 in. SOLD.



“Golden Grains”


Brown and gold glass bead mix. 20 in. $20.



“Eye of the Tiger”

Tiger’s eye pendant and beads. 19 in. $20.



“From the Vine”

Amethyst, aventurine, & moonstone pendant and beads. 19 in. $20.





Double-strand with eclectic bead mix. 22.5 in. $20.

They following pieces have been SOLD. If you would like a similar product, please check back as new items are made available or email for a special order.

“TaiPei’s Treasures”

“Calico Kitty”

“Dainty Daisies”   


“Mint Chocolate Chip”

“The Sparkling Starfish”

“The Tree Hugger”