BEad Different Jewelry
No two pieces the same!

About BEad Different

BEad Different was born in the fall of 2006. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, a girlfriend and I were killing time browsing a local craft store. As we stumbled upon the bead section of the store, I was instantly mesmerized by the vast selection of supplies. We decided it would be fun to make some jewelry, and began filling a basket with the essential supplies. It wasn't until a few weeks later that we actually sat down and began creating what would become my new passion.

My family has always been crafty in a variety of ways, and local craft shows were never an odd way for us to spend a weekend. I would walk around the exhibits and think of all the things I was going to make when I got home. ‘Scrunchies’, Christmas ornaments and greeting cards were just a few of my undertakings as a child. During college, I began to love wearing jewelry. Not just jewelry one could get at a “mall” store, but unique jewelry; jewelry that couldn’t be bought just anywhere. I loved finding tiny stores tucked away in quaint, little towns. I could spend hours trying on each piece until I found a creation that I just couldn’t pass up.   

I have always loved getting dressed up and accessorizing my outfits. As a little girl, I would color coordinate my tennis skirts to match my tennis shoes, or my soccer shorts to match my cleats. As an adult, I discovered the ultimate hobby for accessorizing my outfits. Now, I can create the perfect complement for any article of clothing I bring home!

BEad Different is the place for original, handcrafted jewelry. Like the thousands of butterflies that are unique in their shapes and colors, no piece of jewelry from BEad Different is ever the same!

Now you can browse the collection of already made pieces, or request a special creation of your own. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please email me at Happy accessorizing!

Jennifer N. Probst, Jewelry Designer

Finding Inspiration

When I first sit down to work on a piece of jewelry, I usually begin with one key element- a pendant, stone, glass bead, etc. Using that particular focal piece, I gather a plethora of beads that complement the focal component and simply begin stringing. I try to find a variety of beads to work with, not limiting myself to one particular color, size or element. Based on my own instincts about accessories and jewelry, I can usually tell from the start whether something is going to work or not, and I am not afraid to disband the piece and re-start. Beading definitely takes patience, but I work diligently to perfect each and every piece of BEad Different jewelry.

Personal Touches

As an English teacher for the last 7 years, sometimes it was difficult finding time to put my Creative Writing degree to use. When I began making jewelry, I found myself thinking of names for each piece of jewelry. Finding inspiration in the beads, colors, toggles and pieces as a whole, I utilized my passion for creative writing by making handmade tags to accompany each piece of jewelry. The names and tags not only add a bit of fun to shopping for jewelry, but it also marks each piece with a personal touch to show the time and care that went into making BEad Different jewelry special!