BEad Different Jewelry
No two pieces the same!



Eclectic bead clusters. $10.


Turquoise variety. SOLD.

“Midnight Garden”

Acrylic. $6.

“Abstract Fashion”

Acrylic bead mix. SOLD.

“Summer Brights”

Chandelier dangles. $10.

“Bright & Sunny”

Shell, glass & acrylic. SOLD.

“Nature's Valley”

 Eclectic bead clusters. SOLD.

“Southwest Style”

Chandelier bead mix. $10.

 “Catch a Fire”

Lampwork glass. $8.

 “Hot Pink Flamingo”

Acrylic beads. SOLD.

“Funky Fashion”

Coral, turquoise, & wood. $8.

“Diamond Gals”

Acrylic beads. $6.  

“That's Amore” 

Bead mix on chain. SOLD.

“Rocky Road”

Glass beads. $10.


Czech glass beads. $6.

“Metallic Magic”

Acrylic beads. $6.

“Crystal River”

Mosaic turquoise and stone. SOLD.

“Unleash the Roar”

Glass and acrylic. SOLD.

“Tantalizing Teal”

Acrylic & glass. $7.

“Stunning Shoreline”

Chandelier dangles. SOLD.

“Into the Wild” 

Shell & acrylic. $6. 

“Midnight Clear” 

Glass beads. SOLD.

“Watching the Ball Drop”

Acrylic/glass bead mix. $8.

“Copper Canyon”

Acrylic beads. SOLD.

“Girl's Nite Out”

Mosaic turquoise & glass. SOLD.

“White Sand Beaches”

Acrylic beads. $6.

“Hidden Treasures”

 Czech glass. $7.

“Minty Fresh”

Acrylic & beaded clusters. SOLD.

“Wild Times”

Shell and glass. SOLD.

“The Golden Touch" 

Stone & lava rock. $6.

“Sunset Swirls”

Shell, stone, & glass. $6.

“A Blushing Beauty”

Acrylic beads. $5.

“Tangerine Dreams”

Glass beads. $5.

“Sparkling Diamonds”

Acrylic and faceted glass. $6.

“On the Town”

Filigree and chain. SOLD.

“The Royal Treatment”

Czech glass. $7. 

“New Year's Flair”

Acrylic & glass. $7. 

“Nothing but Blue Skies”

Jasper & shell. $7.

“On the Sand Dunes” 

Shell, glass & acrylic. $7.

“Spring Forward”

Carved agate. $5.

“Sand and Sea”

Beaded chandeliers. SOLD.

  “Peace Offering”
Shell and glass. $10.

“Bronze Medal Winner”

Czech glass. SOLD.

“Whimsical Wonders”

Stone and amethyst. $7.

“Cobblestone Alley”

Stone and acrylic. $7.

“Black Beauty” 

Shell & glass. SOLD.

“Secret Garden”

Mosaic turquoise. SOLD.

“As the World Turns”

Acrylic & glass. SOLD.

“Radical in Red”

Acrylic beads. $6.

“Crystal Creek”

Acrylic beads. SOLD.

“Eye of the Tiger”

Tiger’s eye. SOLD.

“A Big Nite Out”

Shell, acrylic & lava rock. $6.

“Chain Reaction”

Filigree bead & chain. SOLD.

“An Eccentric Energy”

Stone beads. $7.